The Borderless Jewel in the Crown of Fukushima’s Summer.

Peaches represent the deliciousness of summer in Fukushima.
Peach farmers in Fukushima have managed to overcome the earthquake and nuclear accident, and strived to create a future for themselves. For example, Fukushima peaches, grown with the ultimate care, achieved record sales in 2016 centered on Southeast Asia, even surpassing quantities exported before the earthquake, for which they have been attracting attention from throughout the world. What have the dreams of the farmers been since the earthquake, embodied in these peaches?
Overseas students also experience Fukushima peach picking for the first time. They thoroughly enjoy themselves. So, how do the students from Vietnam, China, Brazil and Malaysia come to feel about the peaches of Fukushima?
This program also focuses on gourmet food in Fukushima made from these peaches!

Mr. Masanori Saito
Chairman, Date District Peach Growers’ Committee

Peach picking experience
■Anzai Kajyuen (Fukushima City)
An orchard located on the western side of Fukushima City, known as the Fruit Line.
Peaches, pears and apples are grown there. Visitors can also try peach picking.

Gourmet food made from peaches
■Marusei Kajuen (Fukushima City)
A farm that operates an orchard in Iizaka Town of Fukushima City.
“Mori-no Garden,” a cafe operated by the farm serves parfaits made from one and a half peaches.

■PizzaSta (Koori Town, Date County)
This is a pizza restaurant at Legare Koori, popular for its pizzas baked in a brick oven.
The program looks at “Pizza Yochien” made from fruits in season.

■Hishinuma Farm (Fukushima City)
A farm that operates an orchard in Iizaka Town of Fukushima City.
They sell peaches directly to customers via the Internet, and strive in the development of sixth-sector industrialization products.
The program looks at peach syrup made from condensing the juice from ten peaches.

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