Get your fill of Tanga Market! Daigakudon / Sukiccha Kitakyushu (2018/6/26OA)

“Kitakyushu’s Kitchen” — Tanga Market, in the Uomachi section of Kokurakita-ku. Its more than 200 shops include one operated by students at the University of Kitakyushu: Daigakudo.
Order their famous daigakudon, and you get a bowl of rice to take through the market buying whatever looks good to you to put on top. The result: your own original rice-based dish.
Our reporter, Natallia Shandrykava of Belarus, enjoyed getting to know the shopkeepers while completing her original daigakudon with various ingredients, including some that were new to her. Let’s find out how Natallia’s special daigakudon tastes!

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