“Thinking about Peace – Hiroshima as a starting point” Vol. 1-2(Hiroshima Pref.)

Hiroshima Prefecture has opened an online peace study course so that people all over the world can learn about peace anytime, anywhere. This course consists of five parts. Please write your comments with the hashtag #TPHiroshima and #hiroshimapeacememorial.

Contents: 5 Courses (each course contains 50 minutes)

(1) Hiroshima: Starting from the ashes
(2) Ideal and Reality: International politics concerning nuclear weapons during cold war and post-cold war
(3) Increasingly Complex World: New threat concerning nuclear weapons and modern issues
(4) Awareness of Peace: From destruction to reconstruction
(5) Peace from Hiroshima: Past, present, and future

Hiroshima for Global Peace

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